In all that we do, we work to improve the quality of life for the cats and dogs in our community.  Anicira exists to serve the needs of our patients and we recognize the dignity of every cat and dog.

Our goal is to provide excellence and superlative quality in the care of our patients. This goal is reflected in the type of programs we offer, the collaborations we develop, and our willingness to help animals in need.  We have consistently shown that proactive and progressive programs make good economic sense. Our team helps families care for their pets by making veterinary care affordable.

Our experienced and compassionate surgical team is exceptionally skilled. We utilize the highest standards of care to ensure the safety and comfort of each pet during his or her stay at the veterinary center.

Since opening, we’ve cared for more than 175,000 cats and dogs in the Western, Central and Northern parts of Virginia- from large feral cat colonies to 200 lb. Mastiffs and thousands of orphaned shelter animals of all kinds. We work together with animal welfare organizations both nonprofit and government operated, small and large, to stop medically unnecessary euthanasia of companion animals.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations of what a veterinary healthcare provider should be. Your perspective is a valuable resource, so please share your thoughts with us.

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