Our adoption program relies on foster families who are willing to welcome a dog into their home. Each dog that enters our foster program will receive comprehensive veterinary care. Please take a moment to fill out this application and we will be in contact with you within one business day.

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Veterinary care is provided at Anicira Veterinary Center

Foster Agreement

AVC desires to provide a supportive, healthy, and safe environment for each animal in its custody and care; therefore, AVC has requested qualified individuals to provide care and necessary sustenance to the animals in AVC’s custody. Each and every time I take custody of any AVC animal, I agree to the following terms for the entire time during which I have custody of my foster animal, understanding that I could be required to provide care for an extended and indefinite time:

• The foster animals are temporarily in my care I do not have any right of ownership over my foster animals. I agree that AVC’s rights in and to my foster animals are superior to mine

• The foster animals shall reside solely at my address, unless prior approval is granted by AVC to house the animal elsewhere.

• Any permanent placements of the foster animals will be made through AVC, following normal AVC adoption procedures and pursuant to AVC guidelines.

• I understand that AVC provides no guarantee as to the health of my foster animal, and that my foster animal may have significant medical needs, socialization problems, and may not be housebroken. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless AVC from and against all liability for personal injury or property damage sustained while foster animals are in my possession. I understand that AVC is not liable for any disease or injury to myself, others in the household, or my own animals caused by exposure to the foster animals.

• I do hereby swear that neither I nor anyone in the household has ever been convicted of animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment. I agree to notify AVC if there is ever a change in this status.

• I agree to provide the animal(s) with humane care and adequate food, water, shelter, affection, socialization, exercise, and medical care. The foster animal(s) shall not be chained or kept constantly outdoors. I agree to provide the animal(s) with any basic training or treatment necessary for the well-being of the animal(s), as instructed by AVC.

• All outside veterinary care must be pre-authorized by AVC. I agree to personally incur the cost for any treatment by a non-AVC veterinarian that has not been so authorized.

• If I cannot keep any foster animal, I will notify AVC immediately. The foster animal shall not be transferred or given to any individual, sold, abandoned, or relinquished to any other rescue group, retail or wholesale establishment, or to any research institution. I may return the animals to the AVC during regular business hours.

• I give AVC, or its designate, permission to inspect my home and property at any time to determine the condition of any foster animal(s) in my care. I acknowledge that AVC can remove any foster animal from my care at any time for any reason.

• I agree to immediately return any foster animal in my care to AVC, at the request of AVC, or its designate, at any time and for any reason. If AVC is forced to undertake any action to enforce this provision of the agreement, I agree to indemnify AVC for all court costs and attorneys’ fees connected with such action.

• This agreement does not create any employment relationship between AVC and me. I understand that I will receive no compensation for any services as a foster parent pursuant to this agreement. I agree that the opportunity given to me to help rehabilitate my foster animal(s) is of significant to me, and serves as proper legal consideration in exchange for my agreements stated in this agreement.


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