Join us in helping to end the medically unnecessary euthanasia of cats and dogs in our community. Each gift enables us to support the people and animals in our community who need our help. Every dollar donated to the Anicira Veterinary Center is used to help provide affordable veterinary care services to families that could otherwise not afford them. Without these gifts, the scope of our work would be limited. 

Each year the center continues to advance our mission and improve the lives of animals in our community, especially those who need us most - animals in need of veterinary care that have nowhere else to go. Through our lifesaving programs, we are helping to change the lives of many animals and their pet parents, for the better.

Everyday, Anicira financially assists our local residents by subsidizing the costs of our veterinary services for residents most in need.  From helping local farmers maintain their feral colony by providing free spay/neuter procedures to providing free rabies vaccines in order for our clients to keep their dogs properly vaccinated.  Anicira is a leading animal welfare organization in the region.  

Your gift supports our mission and allows us to help the next kitten in need for spay/neuter or the next pet a life saving procedure.  Virtually every patient who walks through our doors benefits from the generosity of our donors. 

Every gift can save a life; from $1 to $100,000, your contribution 

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