In addition to offering financial assistance with spay/neuter surgeries, Anicira is privileged to be able to help cats and dogs that are suffering from disease or injury.  These are just a few of the many heart-warming stories that happen at the clinic each day and examples of how your gift helps animals in need:

Love Heals All Wounds

Baby Girl, a sweet Pit Bull mix knows this all too well.  This little girl with a very sweet personality came to the clinic after suffering an unimaginable trauma- she was brutally stabbed by her caretaker.  She had a very large and deep cut on her neck but fortunately she survived and had surgery to repair the wound.

Baby Girl received justice- her attacker was found guilty of animal cruelty and she is now soaking up lots of love with her new family.

85 lbs. of Affection

Sasha, a Mastiff and one of our largest patients of the year, came to the clinic for an emergency spay surgery because she had a uterine infection. She was referred by another veterinary practice because her Mom did not have money for the surgery and without it Sasha would have died.

While she was at Anicira, we noticed that she was also suffering from a severe prolapsed eyelid—her eyelid had turned inward, causing irritation and discomfort to her eye. Sasha’s Mom was very grateful that Anicira was able to help Sasha.


Looking Beyond Physical Injury

Brock and Nora, two friendly and spunky kittens, were suffering from an upper respiratory infection that caused their eyes to rupture.  Nora needed to have one eye removed and Brock had to have both eyes removed. Despite being partially or completely blind, both kittens adjusted very well and were quickly adopted.

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