Animals in Harrisonburg Need Your Help!

As a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide care and well being to as many animals as possible, Anicira and our amazing community of local supporters have awaited a day when we could bring our "no-kill" mentality to a shelter in Harrisonburg that shared our goals. That day has come! Anicira submitted a proposal in May for a public private partnership (P3) for animal services for the City of Harrisonburg - an opportunity to change the outcome for thousands of animals in our city.

Quick Facts About The Proposal:

  1. The new shelter is already open and staffed. We've been running a pilot program to learn the ins-and-outs of adoption and how best to apply our decades of combined veterinary experience in order to save the MOST animals! So far the pilot program has been very successful at getting animals adopted and is ready to take on the weight of the city contract. 
  2. Anicira is willing to take on the city contract at a cost that will save the city (that means you, taxpayers!) over 5% from the current budget for 2018. The SPCA has a budget of $282,379 for fiscal year 2018, while we propose to provide services for $266,910.
  3. Our goal is a 90% or better live save rate and we are actually asking the city to hold us to a higher standard with quarterly performance reviews!
  4. VDACS has officially approved our new shelter.  
  5. There are things you can do to help! See below to get involved.
  6. Read the full proposal here. 

This P3 project is an opportunity to use the experience and knowledge of Anicira - a recognized animal welfare and veterinary medical services leader - to improve and expand the quality of these services for the residents of Harrisonburg. 

A Few More Important Facts:

  • Based on its performance history, the services currently provided to the City by the Rockingham-Harrisonburg SPCA are substandard. State-level data shows that the Harrisonburg metro area has one of the highest euthanasia rates in Virginia. Similar sized shelters with similar numbers are performing at much higher rates. 
  • We know the folks at the SPCA are good people who care about animals! Anicira hopes to lessen the load placed on the SPCA by alleviating their requirement to the city. Since they will still be the county provider, this will give them more time and more resources to focus on lowering euthanasia rates in the county!
  • Our end goal is to save as many animals as possible. Often times, we have different schools of thought on how that goal should be approached. We believe that this proposal is an outstanding way for two groups with very different ideas to work together and engage as many people as possible to achieve our common goal.

Are You Ready To Get Involved?

Your voice is important! Here are a few quick and easy ways you can help right now to save more animals:

Email Your Council Members!

Feel free to copy the text below to paste in an email or write a message of your own:

Dear Harrisonburg City Council Member,
I am a Harrisonburg resident who is concerned about the number of animals that are killed every year in our city. I encourage you to approve Anicira’s recent proposal to replace the underperforming RH-SPCA as the County’s open admission shelter. Anicira is willing to be held to a higher standard and provide the shelter that our community has been asking for and that our animals deserve.

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