Some Frequently Asked Questions….

Q: I heard you’re full. This is what I was worried about, what are you going to do if you get the city contract?

A: Our current program is privately-funded and has limited resources. If we were awarded the city contract, we would have the resources to be open admission. Until then, we need to ensure our own program continues to be sustainable.


Q: If you’re against euthanasia, what are you going to do with the really sick animals?

A: We are not against humane euthanasia when it is medically or behaviorally appropriate. If a veterinarian or behavioral specialist determines that it is the best decision for that animal to euthanize him/her, that is what we will do. The no-kill movement is about not killing healthy or treatable animals, which typically means a euthanasia rate under 10%. Click here to learn more about what "no-kill" really means.


Q: What about aggressive dogs? Are you just not going to take them, or will you adopt them out?

A: Any animal that is determined to be a threat to public safety will not be adopted out.

Q: Will you have surrender fees or waiting lists?

A: We will not charge surrender fees nor will we have a waiting list. We have many rescue and community partnerships that if we neared capacity, we would be able to manage it without having to euthanize animals or turn anyone away.

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