In late May, Anicira submitted a proposal to Harrisonburg City Council to enter into a contract for community-based animal shelter services. 

Anicira believes firmly in the No-Kill philosophy and knows that Harrisonburg can reduce its 51% euthanasia rate to under 10% while retaining an open admission shelter. With the help of our experienced leadership, community support, rescue partnerships, and more, Anicira is more than prepared to help Harrisonburg's homeless animals. Read the proposal here.

Founding President & CEO Cate Lemmond will be presenting Anicira's proposal to City Council on August 8. We need your help! We invite you to attend the presentation to show your support. City Council Members want to do what they believe their constituents want, so we need to show them that the public is behind Anicira's proposal. Please attend the presentation and share the message with others. 

August 8, 7 pm
Council Chamber
409 S Main St, Harrisonburg

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