What is No-Kill?

Maddie's Fund defines no-kill as saving both healthy and treatable dogs and cats, with euthanasia reserved only for unhealthy & untreatable animals. This usually works out to a save rate of over 90% of all animals.

As much as anything, no-kill is a rallying cry; a slogan that defines a movement. The term no-kill clearly and powerfully protests the status quo - the killing of millions of healthy and treatable animals in our nation's animal shelters every year. At the same time, it describes a new approach to animal sheltering and a new commitment to saving lives within animal welfare organizations and communities.

While shelter leadership drives the No Kill initiative, it is the community that extends the safety net of care. Unlike many traditional shelters—which view members of the public as complications and often don't partner with them as rescuers or volunteers—a No Kill shelter embraces the people in its community. They are the key to success: they volunteer, foster, socialize animals, staff offsite adoption venues and open their hearts, homes and wallets to the animals in need. The public is at the center of every successful No Kill shelter in the nation.

Virginia open admission shelters like the following are no-kill:

- Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center
- Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA
- Lynchburg Humane Society
- Humane Society of Warren County (Front Royal)

How Do We Reach No-Kill?

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