Anicira Begins Foster to Adoption Program for Valley's Dogs

Anicira Veterinary Center proudly announces the commencement of its foster to adoption program for dogs.  From its inception, Anicira has aimed to reduce the number of animals euthanized in shelters.  Anicira has had a tremendous impact on the number of animals entering the shelter by providing affordable spays/neuters, veterinary care, and humane education.    

In order to help save more dogs before they enter the shelter, Anicira’s foster to adoption program is designed to prevent local dogs from entering, and ultimately becoming a statistic at, a shelter.  Anicira hopes to reduce the number of dogs surrendered to the local shelter each year by providing a safe foster home for each dog before finding their forever home. 

Anicira offers a pet retention program prior to accepting any surrendered dog to assist in keeping each dog in their original home.  Each animal that is ultimately accepted into the program will be fully vetted and microchipped prior to adoption.   At this time, Anicira is only accepting surrendered animals from Rockingham and Harrisonburg residents.

For more information about Anicira, its services, resources, how to become a foster, to find adoptable dogs, and to find out how you can help: visit the Center’s website at, call 540-437-1980, or email at

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