Anicira converts old facility into shelter

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Back in January, Harrisonburg's Anicira Veterinary Center moved to its new location on Medical Avenue, leaving its old location on Liberty Street without a purpose.

Now, the facility has been converted into Anicira's new shelter.

After seeing major progress with their adoption program, which been done completely through fostering, the staff decided it would be better to renovate their old location, rather than part with it completely.

"We are still foster-based," said Kelsey Cler, community outreach coordinator for Anicira. "We still rely on our foster homes, we still need foster homes, it's better for the dogs to be in foster homes. But this provides us with a little temporary housing for the animals as they're switched between foster homes or when they first get in."

The shelter has been up and running for just a couple of weeks. There are already seven puppies and three adult dogs staying at the shelter as they wait to find their forever homes. A number of kennels are also on the way to make room for more dogs

"It's going to be really cool to see how it grows and what we're able to do," said Cler.

Cats may also have a future at this facility. Cler said they will begin to accept cats when, and if, the city of Harrisonburg decides to approve their proposal to become the city's shelter.

Cler said Anicira has been able to adopt out 435 dogs in just over a year.

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