Dogs rescued from Thailand’s illegal dog meat trade come to Anicira

Four dogs rescued from becoming dog meat in Asia are on their way to Harrisonburg to be rehabilitated and placed in caring homes.

The animals were rescued by the Soi Dog Foundation, a Thailand-based non-profit that saves dogs intended for the meat market.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, Anicira Veterinary Center is able to take these dogs into its rescue program and find them loving homes. Three of the dogs will be arriving on February 16, 2017; the fourth will arrive at a later date.

Soi Dog Foundation saves dogs that have been stolen or taken from the street and put onto meat trucks bound for Vietnam and China. They work with Thai authorities to stop the trucks from crossing the border.

The dogs coming to Harrisonburg are named Patience, Aliyah, Cludo and Serenity. They will stay in foster homes while working on socialization, housetraining, and learning how to be a beloved family pet. They will then look for their adoptive homes.

“These dogs are arriving as street dogs with very little experience living in a home. They have been through some traumatic experiences, but luckily they have been saved from the inhumane slaughter practices found in much of the Asian dog meat market,” said Kelsey Cler, Community Outreach Coordinator for Anicira.

More information about the dogs and Soi Dog Foundation can be found here

Anicira, a 501(c)(3) organization now in its 12th year, is committed to ending unnecessary euthanasia of cats and dogs.  Anicira seeks to help cats and dogs in the community be happier and healthier through its veterinary center. Anicira also helps reduce the number of dogs entering shelters through a foster-based adoption program.

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