Anicira's Walk/Ride for the Animals

Why Walk?

Anicira is the only nonprofit veterinary clinic in the Harrisonburg/Rockingham County area dedicated to helping animals in need. 

Every year, thousands of local animals are euthanized (put to sleep) that are healthy or have treatable conditions. Since 2005, Anicira has been helping pets in need so that euthanasia isn't an option.

Check out some of the heart-warming stories of pets that Anicira has been able to help:


HopeOn September 12, a Good Samaritan brought us an extremely emaciated stray dog. She was the skinniest dog our vets and staff had seen in their careers; she weighed 25 pounds but had the frame of a 50-60 pound dog. Despite having troubles just standing and walking, she sought the attention and love from everyone she met.

We named her Hope and began a strict re-feeding program so that she wouldn’t get sick or even die from getting too many calories too fast. In just over a month, Hope had made a full recovery. She now weighs over 50 pounds and is so happy to be getting all the attention she deserves from her new family. Hope even won the treat-catching contest at our 2016 Walk for the Animals!


When Graybee came in to Anicira to be neutered, it was obvious that his right eye was causing him a lot of pain and grief. It seemed like he had undergone some trauma that permanently damaged his eye.

Thanks to Anicira, much-needed surgery to remove Graybee's eye was covered. Now this handsome man is pain-free and much more comfortable!



Sasha came to the clinic for an emergency spay surgery because she had a uterine infection. She was referred to Anicira by another veterinary practice because her Mom did not have money for the surgery and without it, Sasha would've died. Anicira was also able to help with Sasha's prolapsed eyelid! Sasha